15 Oct 2020

A day in the life of a Property Manager – with Bianca Gregson

There is never really a typical day for a Property Manager, every day looks different and the skill set we hold ranges from Lawyer to Psychologist with Handyman, Marketing Manager, and Financial Advisor in between.

I like to get into the office early and work through my checklist that I made from the day before.  Its best to get the hard jobs or phone calls done first.

The minute it hits 9 am the phones are ringing; the emails are flowing and there are places to be.  From owners, tenants, contractors, and colleagues there is always someone that wants to speak with you.

There is never a “finish line” with Property Management.  It is a constant cycle of inspections (every 3 months), lease renewals (every 6 to 12 months) and management renewals (every 24 months). These tasks are completed alongside the regular following up and management of difficult tenants that do not pay their rent, as well as marketing properties to be leased and finalising bonds.

Organization is important, as you must stay on top of all these tasks.  It can spiral out of control if something is missed, that is why following checklists are the Property Management bible. It may sound silly, but each job has so many components to it that it’s impossible to remember each step to ensure the correct outcome.

My number one focus is ensuring my clients are happy.  I aim to ensure my response times are quick and that there is always a fair and reasonable outcome for all parties involved.

Working at Blackburne with an integrated team makes this easy.  Our Leasing team focuses purely on Leasing properties carrying out home opens 7 days a week.

Our inspections team focus on arranging the routine inspections, being out of the office most of the day, thoroughly checking for maintenance and cleanliness of our tenanted properties.

With both these “out of office” tasks taken care of; I can laser vision in on customer service.  Always readily available to answer the phone or your email.

In summary, our job is a busy and fast paced environment with constant interaction with the public and I love it!





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